Right to Education
Right to Education

During the 7th plenary meeting of the National Human Rights Commission (CNDH), which took place in June 15 of 2012, it was decided that the creation of national Human Rights indicators would be a very useful instrument for Portugal, in order to meet the reporting duty to the institutions dedicated to the United Nations Treaties. It was then decided to develop a pilot-project about Human Rights Indicators, framed within the United Nations guidelines, and civil society demands, and the following indicators were selected:
- Right to education
- Right to liberty and security of person

In order to develop the necessary work, a Working Party was created in Portugal, within the framework of CNDH, for the development of Right to Education indicators, which included representatives from several National Ministries and institutions.

That Working Party was responsible for presenting the most relevant Right to Education indicators to the National Human Rights Commission and the results are shown in this document.

Therefore, in this website, we present for Portugal, the descriptions, sources, data trends and main segmentations of the established indicators.

Data updated on February 2019

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